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Upgrade to Microsoft Office 2010 for Your Business
Brainstorm together and communicate easier with the new Office 2010 Suite, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and OneNote 2010. With Office 2010, everyone can work in groups to co-author or edit the same file at the same time from any location. Microsoft Office 2010 offers web applications stored online to share and back up your work, and can be used on PCs and Macs in 32-bit and 64-bit.

Microsoft Word 2010 is now easier to use with simplified ways to find the features you need for your documents. Sharing, saving, printing, and publishing documents with Word 2010 are easy to access saving you time. Word 2010 offers an improved Navigation Pane with more document headings and better find tools to search your document.

Excel 2010 is now easier to read, spreadsheets are color coded, and there are new and advanced smart tools for your professional needs. Flip through the Excel 2010 tabs to access and insert formulas, diagrams, charts, and imported data. Newest feature in Excel 2010 is Sparklines, which creates a small chart within a single cell.

PowerPoint 2010 offers the latest option of inserting and editing a video in your PowerPoint slide. Trim videos, add effects, triggers to launch animation, fades and more can be used to WOW your audience in your presentation. PowerPoint 2010 will let your color-correct and add artistic/visual effects to your slides without the use of a third-party image editor.

Outlook 2010 has improved tremendously and that saves time in checking email. Outlook 2010 offers the new Conversation view, which groups emails together into one email to make reading conversations more convenient, this competes with Google’s Gmail group email feature. Run the Clean Up feature in Outlook 2010 to eliminate emails you do not need without scanning through all of your emails. Outlook 2010 also has QuickSteps, to create Macros for common daily tasks, such as forwarding emails to third parties. The new Outlook 2010 makes business far more efficient than ever before.

OneNote 2010 is the newest application to the Microsoft Office family. It can implement live edits into one document program like a group notebook. OneNote 2010 allows businesses to sketch out new ideas, add images, videos, audio, and text collaboration all in real time. OneNote 2010 offers automatic highlighting for any changes made by others to simplify your tasks and save time.

The new Microsoft Office 2010 Suite is highly recommended for your professional needs to make businesses run smoother, faster, and more efficient than ever before.

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